No, we’re serious! From now until the end of June 2020, new gifts to Trenton Music Makers will be automatically multiplied by two. $50 becomes $100, and $250 becomes $500, after El Sistema USA matches your gift.

Trenton Music Makers is counting its blessings to be selected as part of the PRESTO (Program for Rising El Sistema Programs) cohort. Expert advice. Mentorship from leaders in the field of Creative Youth Development. And for new or increased gifts, a double match, right up to $22,500. (Which, under PRESTO math, becomes $45,000.) 

Just think of what $45,000 will do for our amazing kids! Inspired teaching artists. Fine instruments, on a par with their peers in the suburbs. Playing great music from Bach to Lin Manuel Miranda with their friends. Opportunities to grow into apprenticeships and paid internships, supporting younger kids who come after them.

As we heard from a young person recently, "music gives me something worth fighting for." Will you join the circle of generous people who are equipping them for the work?

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